Wizualizer Aver vision M70

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5MPs, 192x Zoom and HDMI

At 192x zoom, the M70 document camera packs one of the biggest zoom capabilities you will find in a document camera. With this level of magnification, you can actually see chemical reactions at work. Nothing puts on a show like the 5 megapixels of the M70 document camera that is primed to show crisp text, bright images and vivid colors.

M70 5MPs, 192x Zoom and HDMI

Annotate Without a Computer

Need to explain a tricky concept or emphasize a key point? Simply plug a USB mouse into the M70 document camera and you are able to easily add annotations, highlights, arrows and captions to your presentation material.

Annotate Without a Computer

Audio/Video Recording to USB

Now with only one cable, you can plug-in full 1080p HD quality video and audio to really showcase your students’ best dramatic work. The M70 document camera will record your entire lesson to be available for review, absent students, substitute teachers and more.

Audio/Video Recording to USB

Compact Design

With fully adjustable locking parts, the neck and head of the M70 document camera easily rotate, swivel, expand and collapse for the perfect angle to display your presentation material. The compact design then allows you to fold it neatly away for easy storage in your desk or AV cart after class.

M70 Compact Design